plug socket floor mounted sockets electrical floor receptacle

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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel Material Brass alloy/Stainless alloy
    2 Surface finish Wire drawing/Polishing/Spray painting
    3 Panel Dimension(mm) Ø150
    4 Cutout(mm) 103×103
    5 Capacity of modules 3 ways modules
    6 Bracket material Zinc Alloy & Alu Alloy
    7 Sink box Thickness 1.2mm
    8 Sink box Material Steel+Zinc plated
    9 Available modules 45*45/45*22.5(mm)
    10 Damping device (DP) Normal Pop-up & Soft Pop-up available


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    1. Easy Die-cut: round shape of Ø150mm.
    2. Fast-wiring: more terminal block for 1~2.5m² rigid wire or0.5~6m²prepared  flexible wire.
    3. Easy-Installation: Patented technology of clip flush mounting frame of modules replacement. Save labor cost.

    FD221官网文案 A200422 HOK-3


    Available for F type 45*45mm type or D type23*26mm international sockets or modules types:





    HTD-7官网文案A200422 H OK-3

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