Round pull-out receptacle ground mounting receptacle/Electrical Socket

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    Technical parameters & characteristic :

    1) Working environment:

    1. The environment temperature:-5~/40
    2. The rated voltage100V~~250V
    3. Rated current10A13A16A20A


    2) Technical parameters :


    Serial No. Parameter Description


    Panel Material Round shape Brass H62 /stainless 304
    2 Surface finish Wire drawing/Polishing/Spray painting
    3 Panel Dimension(mm) ɸ135mm
    4 Cutout(mm) 105x105
    5 Static pressure 1000N 
    6 Horizontal mounting Horizontal installation   
    7 Sink box Material Steel+Zinc plated
    8 Base box dimension(mm) 105*105*48
    9 Available modules 3*45 type socket or 1* 128 type socket


      1Raised floor 



    Concrete floor requirements for floor socket

    1No pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body, no toxicity.

    2Easy to install and easy to use, not easy to damage



    1.Two lid be hidden while opened.

    2. 2 optional choice of lid as round or square shape.

    3. Lid thickness over 4mm and more strong stastic pressure over 1000N.

    4. Applicable for 45*45mm modules and 128 type socket.

    5. With 48mm height bottom box.


    Installation instructions:

    1. Cut out 105*105(mm)Powering the slurry.
    2. Remove the pre-installed temporary lid,wiring and installing modules,Per-installthe cable pipe as per your request .
    3. Install cover lid and tighten with screws.
    4. Conceal the cut edge of carpet of flooring


    1.When installing and wiring,Product should avoid direct contact with corrosive liquid, gas (strong acid, strong alkali, paint).

    2.This product is suitable for dry surface treatment, avoid water flush and immersion, and ensure its insulation.This product is not suitable for use in wet areas.

    3.All dimensions quotes are nominal only.Drawing images and specification are only for illustrative purposes and dimensions are subject to final confirmation by us.

    Safety Warning

    1.This is a class I product and must be earthed

    2.This product must be installed/wired by a qualified electrician

    3.For indoor use only.



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