F1 22.5*45mm Euro American Power Socket/Plug Socket/Power Outlet

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel Material PC 94-V0
    2 Inside material Tin phosphorous bronze
    3 Surface finish Glossy
    4 Input voltage 250v/AC 50~60Hz
    5 Rated current 16A
    6 Durability 5000
    7 Color customization
    8 Number of terminals 2 screw terminals
    9 Outlet Brazil NEMA sockets
    10 IK degree of protection IK04
    11 IP degree of protection IP21
    12 Dimension of product 45*22.5mm


    Environmental requirements

    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Operating temperature -10~+40;Operating
    2 humidity 20%~90% RH
    3 Storage temperature -20~+85;storage
    4 humidity 10%~95% RH
    5 Resistance to pressure 3Kv/AC 1min
    6 Isolation resistance 500v DC/100MΩ


    1.Feature of Safewire IP44 pop up 45×45mm  modules :

    1.Applicable for wiring of Distribution box ,wall switch,floorbox and electrical socket etc.


    3.Easy wiring,tooless installation,save cost!

    2.Advantage of Safewire IP44 pop up 45×45mm  modules:

    1.Full range power socket + Switch+Data+USB charger+Multimedia modules etc.