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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel materials Plastic
    2 Material ABS, galvanized steel
    3 Overall Frame & Lid (mm) 328*230.5
    4 Compact floor cut-out(mm) 310*213
    5 Thickness of concavity/Frame lid recess (mm) 8
    6 Installation depth(mm) 70mm~110mm
    7 Plug top clearance(mm) 13~48
    8 Available modules 8 BS modules
    9 Accessories plates 90*80mm

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  • 1Our floor boxes are boxes for installation recessed in floor with possibilities of add decorative materials like carpet, parquet or other finishes, on the lid.The lid made of ABS material as per RoHS certification, resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

    2capacityHTD-628AS can install 8 ways (45*45mm Legrand’s Mosaic modules)

    3Thicknes of concavity/Frame lid recess be 8mm;

    4The height of the bottom box reaches 95mm,There is enough space inside the bottom box to install the cable

    5The static pressure force over 1000 N.

    HTD-628AS架空地板 官网文案 A200423 ok-2


    HTD-622AS 架空地板 官网文案A200423 ok-3

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