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Through our engineering department we can make all kinds special products responding to the needs of our clients.

1) Industry Design;

2) Handmade designs;

3) Special measures ;

4) Different color finish;

5) Adaptation to requirement of input & outlet;

Through our project department we provide prescribes ( Studying architecture, engineering, interior designers,decorators etc.) a department where they can get a complete study to calculate the request. Our professionals are responsible for performing all the calculations necessary for compliance with the regulations of national standard of IEC60884. Optimizing simply, safety and energy-saving, This establishes a personalized service to each of our clients and for each of its dimension and request of power input & output. Treating the project individually. We even make an economic study installation. In Safewire we are particularly conscious about the importance of good advice to our clients for efficiently utilization of energy-saving and safety in different types of sockets and most appropriate in each case wiring systems.Development of floor socket, floor box, trunking system, table socket, meeting room socket, Power Distribution Units and electric modules include the necessary accessories for the most comprehensive request of management of electric input and output.1) Management of 2D+3D DXF files( Software for communication with AutoCAD).2) Search parametric product at various levels;3) Creating data sheets with various customize models;4) Spatial location of equipment as furniture, cabinet, floor systems and power facility.5) Presentation of results on different interfaces: Three-dimensional rending 3D installation and working samples.

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