Sales points

Sale points of Safewire productsPlug and Play:

The insert terminal or screw terminal block is optimally arranged for yourself to start installation immediately. Not only the accessories, but the close cover-plate with IP55 protection level can also work with electric immediate power and data input . Immediate access are essential to users because facility and electronic devices needs to be connected and charged in time.

Cable management:

Close cable channels pass through the bottom of the work places. Data and electricity can be separated. The channels feature pull-protection and other facilities as standard. Cable that originate on the floor can directly access the underlying trunking system.

It Integration :

Integrates multi-sockets and data or audio configurations into one complete device, hidden under the furniture or cabinet with only 80mm diameter hole so save more space.

Interconnecting smart:

Including comprehensive 45*45mm socket, dual port USB charger of 5VDC 3.0 as full-voltage USB smart quick charge, support QC3.0, Carrying QUALCOMM indentification chip. Power conversion rate can reach 80%. Not only wire connection, but support wireless charging function selection accords with the QI standard.


The floor socket continue into switch or connected device are easily accessible. They are located under the removable coverplate or skirting and are available in a stainless or brass. Furthermore, our pop-up mechanism will rising slowly at even speed which is adjustable. Characteristics of our pop-up mechanism are with long-life time, reliable performance, little noise and operate safe etc. This damping device concept has been patented by Safewire.

Safety-guard and fool-proof design

Most of our electric socket are with a variety of intelligent protection functions including overcharge protection, over-temp protection,over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection etc.

Furthermore, our novel design for panel keeps parallel with floor as 180 degree when it is open. It can avoid fall back during installation. The protective port of cable exit can lead wire cable out of the floor socket and effectively protect the wire cable skin against damaging. The Cable Exit concept has been patented by Safewire.

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