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This knowledge base contains answers to frequently asked questions about our products, including information on standards, features and usage. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please submit your question directly to our related contact window. This will help us continually improve the knowledge base over time to make it a useful resource for all who visit our website.
Some common workplace applications for Modular wire, data and power systems include:
  • Data centers that are at low power and cooling capacity or out of physical space
  • IT departments
  • Call Centers
  • Data processing centers
  • Telecom switch centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Electronics industry
  • Corporations
  • Government facilities
  • Educational Institutions and facilities
  • Retail Industry
  • Warehouse and Distribution facilities
  • Financial Institutions
Modular Wire, Data and Power Systems provide the following benefits:
  • Easy maintenance. Access your power, data and telecom services quickly with minimal interuption
  • Modular wiring systems offer flexibility and versatility for end-users as well as installers
  • Reduce installation time, risk, and electrical labor
  • Can improve a sites overall safety while increasing a workspaces aesthetic
  • Allows for seamless future modifications and reconfigurations within the facility
Raised access floors are used to provide the following benefits:
  • Easy maintenance – Quick access to power, data and telecom services found within today’s buildings
  • The underfloor space or cavity is often used as a large duct for HVAC systems
  • Adaptability / flexibility for the needs of incoming occupants
  • Can serve as easy insulation layer with proper treatment
  • Is adjustable to uneven floors
  • Can provide immense energy savings and boost efficiency
  • Fire suppression
  • Easy installation and dissembling
  • Quiet and solid feel underfoot


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