45*45mm Modules 2 gang/double pole switch/switch modules

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Safewire item F84
    2 Size 45*45mm
    3 Max.Current 10A
    4 Voltage 120V-250V
    5 Material High quality brass and ABS
    6 Type 2 Gang 2 way switch
    7 Color  white
    8 Advantage This is two way switch socket, that is more conducive to wiring
    9 Working frequency 2.412~2.48MHz
    10 Type Switch sockets



    1.Feature of Safewire IP44 pop up 45×45mm  modules :

    1.Applicable for wiring of Distribution box ,wall switch,floorbox and electrical socket etc.


    3.Easy wiring,tooless installation,save cost!

    2.Advantage of Safewire IP44 pop up 45×45mm  modules:

    1.Full range power socket + Switch+Data+USB charger+Multimedia modules etc.