210*140mm Floor Socket Industrial Multi Plug Sockets Floor Connector

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  • Port: Wenjiang
  • Technical Parameters


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     Working environment:

    1. The environment temperature:-5℃~/40℃
    2. The rated voltage:100V~~250V
    3. Rated current:10A、13A、16A、20A
    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel Material Brass alloy/Stainless steel
    2 Surface finish Wire drawing/Polishing/Spray painting
    3 Panel Dimension(mm) 210*140
    4 Cutout(mm) 202×132
    5 Static pressure 1000N
    6 Horizontal mounting Horizontal installation
    7 Sink box Material Steel+Zinc plated
    8 Hinged lid thickness 4MM
    9 Base box dimension(mm) 200*130*85
    10 Available modules 146*86panel(mm)


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  • Safewire Datasheet of Floor box Safewire HTD-210K-86 M200506 ok-3

    1.Cable Exit is customization

    2.Cavity depth is customization

    3.Knock-out diameter is customization

    4.Configuration as twins switch socket as 146*86

    5.Depth of bottom box is customization

    Safewire Datasheet of Floor box Safewire HTD-210K-86 M200506 ok-4


    Safewire Datasheet of Floor box Safewire HTD-146K-86 200506 OK-3

    The raised floor to socket requirements:

    1.Environmental protection.

    2.Fire prevention/Corrosion resistant/high strength.

    3.Good interchangeability with raised floors.Easy to installation.

    4.The laying height of the floor is 35mm ~150mm.


    Concrete floor requirements for floor socket

    1No pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body, no toxicity.

    2Easy to install and easy to use, not easy to damage.

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