Dual Flap Flip up Horizontal Mouting Socket Brush Desktop Socket

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  • Port: Wenjiang
  • Technical Parameters

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    Technical parameters & characteristic :

    1) Working environment:

    1. The environment temperature:-5~/40
    2. The rated voltage100V~~250V
    3. Rated current10A13A16A20A

    2) Characteristic:


    Model FZ-L001A/B


    HS Code 8536690000


    Brand Name Safewire or OEM brand


    Market standard Customized


    Type floor socket


    Place of origin Zhejiang ,  Wenzhou, China


    Color Golden, silver


    Frequency 50Hz~60Hz


    Grounding Standard grounding


    Current Type AC



    3) Technical parameters :



    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel Material

    Aluminum alloy(silver) , zinc alloy(black)

    2 Surface finish

    Electroplated/Painted/Power sprayed

    3 Panel Dimension(mm)


    4 Cutout(mm)


    5 Bottom box size(mm)


    6 Bottom box material


    7 Capacity of modules /Interface size

    4*86type modules

    8 Configuration

    Power outlet+Data outlet or USB charging : Customized as required

    9 Cable length

    1.5m, 2m,2m or required length


    1.Office and education

    2.Industry and Engineering

    3.Presentation and retail;

    4.Orientation and safety;

    5.Transit areas and parking;

    6.Hotels, hospitality and wellness;

    7.Health, sport and leisure;

    8.Art and culture;




    1). The product can be optionally installed with 86type socket or the 45*45mm module socket.

    2). Installation way:The embedded installation desktop socket.

    3). Dual flap flip up horizontal-mounting socket with side gear.

    4). The hidden desktop socket  provides a compact, beautiful desktop signal connection solution for the user.

    5). The length of product & cord cable  are customized by requirement;Support wide range of power and data accessories available to meet all requirement.

    Available sockets or modules types:



    Installation Guide

    1. Before installation, please opening pore on the table-board which is asked to install according to related product specification.(unit:mm)

    2.Load the function key panel into a base box.

    3.Secure the panel and bottom box

    4.Secure the surrounding bottom box with eight screws

    5.Place the product in a pre-opened table top



    1.Use only in normal temperature.Do not expose to conditions that harm to the products safety,such as humidity,dusty and corrosives.

    2.Properly connecting and installing according to the rated voltage ,frequency,rated current and function identification of the product

    3. All dimension quoted are nominal only. Drawings , images and text are for illustrative perposes only and product details and dimension are subject to change without notice.


    Safety Warning:

    1)This is a class I product and must be earthed.

    2)This product must be installed/wired by a qualified electrician.

    3)before installation/maintnance ,ensure the mains supply is switched off and the circuit fuses are removed or circuit breakers switch off.

    4)For indoor use only.


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