Aluminum Alloy Vertical Electrical Socket Columns and Pillars

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Power supply side Single side
    2 Panel Material Aluminum alloy
    3 Surface finish Painted/Brushed Oxygenated
    4 Height of product(mm) 1300 for FZ-551
    5 Capacity of modules Customized
    6 Configuration Power outlet+Data outlet or USB charging+HDMI+VGA+Audio socket : Customized as required
    8 Available modules: (45*45/45*22.5)mm Type series


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  • 1.Installation mobility: The columns are secured by pressure on the floor. It is very easy to reconfiguration the distribution of workplaces.

    2.Compact: Aluminum alloy mini-columns are supplied all necessary materials for installation: foot for floor attachment, top and side covers and fastenings.

    3.Height Customization: 1300mm height is customization.

    4.1 Side power supply: Easy to plug.

    5. With stainless/brass metal cover-plate;

    6. With bigger round base, more stable. 

    Available sockets or modules types:




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