LAN Adaptor and 0.8 M LAN cable

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    1 Type 2.0A USB Jack+1 Meter USB cable
    2 Material ABS
    3 Female Keystone USB Jack USB 2.0A/USB 2.0A
    4 Angle of female Keystone USB Jack 180°
    5 Color of USB Jack White/Black optional  
    6 USB Socket Material Nickel Plated
    7 USB adaptor USB A TO USB A,V2.0
    8 Angle of male adaptor 90°
    9 USB adaptor material Plastic ABS, nickel plated copper case
    10 Length 0.8~1M



    Drawing Line



    1. Keep the same size as the existing keystone jack.
    2. The closing hook must be the same as the existing KEYSTONE.
    3. Two USB 2.0 Type-A female jack/sockets with this coupler connector.
    4. One USB 180 degree,other 90 degree.



      The cable length of sample needs to be 800mm, and it will be notified by adjusting the final length before mass production later.




    1. Use in dry places only.

    2.Please plug into cable completely.

    3.For your safety, please dont plug by wet hands.

    4. This keystone and cable length is customization production.

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