45*45mm 45° French Module 45° French Adaptor

Short Description:


  • Port: Wenjiang
  • Technical Parameters

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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel Material PC 94-V0
    2 Inside material Tin phosphorous bronze
    3 Surface finish Glossy
    4 Input voltage 250v/AC 50~60Hz
    5 Rated current 16A
    6 3 pin Withdrawal force 54N
    7 2 pin Withdrawal force 2N-18N
    8 Durability 5000
    9 Color customization
    10 Number of terminals 2 screw terminals
    11 Outlet French sockets
    12 IK degree of protection IK04
    13 IP degree of protection IP21
    14 Dimension of product 45*45mm

     Environmental requirements

    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Operating temperature -10~+40;Operating
    2 humidity 20%~90% RH
    3 Storage temperature -20~+85;storage
    4 humidity 10%~95% RH
    5 Resistance to pressure 3Kv/AC 1min
    6 Isolation resistance 500v DC/100MΩ


    1.embedded into the wall

    2.under table trunking

    3.onset floor mini-column/tower socket

    Feature :

    F16B 图片1 图片2

    1. tooless installation
    2. Singledoubletriplemulti-socket using the connection block
    3. With optional safety key
    4. With redgreenwhite finish for UPShealth sector or specific power supply.

    Installation Process


    1. Insert the connection block in the contacts of the socket
    2. Easy to install: Pre-assembled system product need only a screwdriver to have their cables connected and to fit them on the boxes-just a few seconds work for an incredible long-last installation.

    4.Safety Warning:

    1.For indoor use only.

    2.This product must be installed/wired by a qualified electrician.


    1.Protect children from touch skirt of socket.

    2.Ensure current and voltage as rating current/voltage .Do not overload

    3.Prevent from corrosive liquid, gas (strong acid, strong alkali, paint)and humidity.




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