Small Flush Mounting Socket/Kitchen Grommets/Output Electrical Outlet

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Safewire item SFGS811-WL
    2 Panel Material Fire-retardant PC plastic
    3 Bottom box Material Fire-retardant PC plastic
    4 Panel Dimension(mm) 95*95*76 mm
    5 size of hole(mm) Ø82
    6 Carton Packing size 100*100*100mm
    7 Capacity of modules /Interface size TypeA ,TypeC,wireless charging
    8 Configuration 1 wireless charging+1* USB TypeA+1 *USB TypeC

    Available modules

    45mm modules


    1.Feature of Safewire Recessed socket :

    1.Modular design for Configuration of power supply and communication,45*45mm modular,86 type switch and Internation Brand data etc.

    2.Recessed in the top of desk/table , simply press down to open it with Spring clip.