PC Material Floor Socket Modules / Socket Outlet /Power Management

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    USB Characteristic:

    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Panel Material PC 94-V0
    2 Inside material Tin phosphorous bronze
    3 Surface finish Glossy
    4 USB DC output 3A/5V ;2A/9V; 1.5A/12V
    5 Output voltage tolerance ±5%
    6 Output power Max.18W
    7 Service life in hours 3000h 18W
    8 Efficiency 78%
    9 No-load power consumption Max 0.2W
    10 Input voltage 100~240v/AC 50~60Hz
    11 Color White RAL9003 Black
    12 Number of terminals 1 screw terminals
    13 Electrical insulation class Class II
    14 IK degree of protection IK04
    15 IP degree of protection IP21
    16 Dimension of product 86*86mm

    Environmental requirements

    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Operating temperature -10℃~+40℃;Operating
    2 humidity 20%~90% RH
    3 Storage temperature -20℃~+85℃;storage
    4 humidity 10%~95% RH
    5 Resistance to pressure ≥3Kv/AC 1min
    6 Isolation resistance 500v DC/100MΩ

    Safety Warning:

    1.For indoor use only.

    2.This product must be installed/wired by a qualified electrician.


    1.Protect children from touch skirt of USB port.

    2.Ensure current and voltage as rating current/voltage .Do not overload

    3.Prevent from corrosive liquid, gas (strong acid, strong alkali, paint)and humidity.


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  •  1).Dual port USB charger of 2.1A 5VDC;

    2). Protection type: Short time short-circuit protection;

    3).With identifying chip: can automatically recognize different mobiles and suit its request charging AMP to meet the charging speed;

    4) IEC60950 FOR LVD and IEC55024,IEC61000 for EMC;

    5). All materials be ROHS directive tested.

    Testing Item Testing Standard Testing Data
    Aging test USB charger for 2 hours with LED lights must always light 2 hours
      High and low pressure 90V-264V to normal operation 90V-264V normal
    Power test Rated output voltage range: no-load: 5V±5%, load:5V±5% No-load: 4.92-4.95V, load: 5.04-5.1
      Rated output current 5.0V
      Output ripple: load 1A/2.1A, Vpp<200mV 117mV-146mV
      Short circuit protection: output positive and negative short for 2 minutes, after the break to work properly 2 minutes
      Pin output voltage: D-: 2.75VDC/D+:2VDC, subject to actual test value D-:2.77V/D+:2.763V
    Pressure test Under normal climatic conditions, the input and output terminals should withstand the corresponding voltage(USB-10, 101 series for the 1500V, the other is more than 3000V), Generally every test a minute without breakdown flashing phenomenon was qualified, and leakage≤5mA. 3000V0.68mA-0.69mA
    Insulation resistance test In the normal temperature environment, AC input plug and DC input plug between the input DC500V, 1 minute after the insulation resistance of 7 trillion or more
    Grounding resistance In any case the resistance shall not exceed 100mΩ  
    Temperature rise test At room temperature 30℃rated work, the charger rated for 2 h after the measurement of its shell surface temperature change <1℃/ h that the temperature is stable, this time measuring the surface temperature of its shell <50℃ Pass
    Limit load Test the product load current limit can run the load value pass