Solution Systems

Industries we cater to

Owing to our expertise in fabrication of quality electrical equipment , we have heen able to cater the requirements of diverse industries such as:

Office and education Industry and Engineering Presentation and retail Orientation and safety Transit areas and parking Hotels, hospitality and wellness Health, sport and leisure Art and culture
High rising building Congeneration system Shopping center Special Facilities Subways Hospital Sports Facilities Aquariums


  1. Bank;
  2. Construction;
  3. Commercial;
  4. Education;
  5. Retail;
  6. Hotels;
  7. Healthcare;
  8. Clubs & Pubs

Market sectors


Hoteliers must be confident in their suppliers so they can meet the high expectation of their guests, whether from the international business community .Everything must work; everything must look good, everything must stand up to the inevitable wear and tear.

Many projects call for site specific items;


2.Heritage properties

Caring for the past, looking to the future and satisfying today is a significant responsibility, Need a source with the skills to engineer to the exacting requirements of listing, conservation and present standards, while taking advantage of technological developments.



Residences range from regal to rambling, ramshackle to rustic. Each unique and individual. Nothing is standard-except the regulations that must be applied to all.


The skill is to make” standard””individual”. Switch, sockets, etc are standard-individualise with a choice of finishes . Trade up to today’s technology, controlled by the latest gizmo, to make the property unique to you or your client.


Safewire does unique;

Safewire does quality;

Safewire listens to clients;

Safewire likes to say “ yes”



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