Triple Size 86 Type Splash Waterproof Box Wall Switch Box

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Material PVC
    2 Color white
    3 Suitable switch size Triple size 86
    4 lnstall way adhesive
    5 certification RoHS

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  • Features:

    1. Splashproof box for 86 type panel wall switch socket receptacles.
    2. Thickened PVC material, safe and insulated, stable and durable.
    3. 120 degree opening design, installation and using become more convenient.
    4. Comes with high-quality sponge pad, which makes the splash-proof box match better with the wall surface.
    5. Waterproof, splash-proof, dustproof, widely used in bathroom, livingroom, etc.
    6.More color to option:opaque white, lucency white , blue,yellow, or custom colors.
    7.Triple size 86 waterproof box.

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