1.Do you have literature we can have?

Of course, we can post out a brochure or you can download it along with data sheets direct from here:

 2.Do all of your products comply to National standards?

Our products meet China National standard ,IEC standard and the relevant national standards such as SASO.

3.Do you do specials?

We continuously hold capacity in our manufacturing & fabrication facilities to offer market leading flexibility on specials or bespoke socket and wiring management systems

4.What lead times do you offer?

Kurşun zamanı gerekli birim ve miktar türü gibi birçok faktöre bağlıdır. Biz 14 iş days.Lead zaman endikasyonları alıntılarla belirtilmiştir mevcut olabilir boyutlarda bir dizi çekirdek ürünün geniş bir yelpazede stok, ama elbette güncel bilgiler için istemeye çekinmeyin.

5.Can I request a specific delivery time/day?

Safewire will always endeavour to meet our customers requirements and hit special delivery times every day.

6.How long is the warranty on your products.

There is a 12 month warranty from date of delivery.  In the event of any failure, items must be returned to Safewire for full investigation.

7.Can you email me images of that unit?

Yes, no problem please ring (+86 (0) 577 62799688)  or email your request to .and we will arrange this for you. Alternatively, images are available for download from each product page.

8.Can you send me a price list?

As there are so many variations of specification possible for each unit We can send you brochure or you can download it from the website.  Please contact our mail for pricing.

9.Can I request a sample from Safewire?

Safewire are happy to supply sample to our partners, please contact us directly to discuss your request.

10.Can I request sales and marketing material?

Safewire are continually investing in their sales and marketing material, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

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