Jaminan saatos jual

Safewire Electric Co., Ltd mastikeun yén produk kami ketat saluyu sareng sistem manajemen sertifikasi ISO9000 pikeun produksi, ayeuna urang ngajamin stop kontak lantai sareng stop kontak méja sapertos kieu:

1.Our company guarantees that the products will be strictly inspected before shipped from factory and the QA rate of products will 100%.
2.Our company guarantees that within one year from date of receipt and finish installation if some problems occure, our company is responsible for replace free of charge.If beyond warranty period, we will provide you with corresponding paid services within a reasonable range.
3.This following statituation will be paid service:

* ngaleuwihan masa jaminan;
* failure to provide purchase evidence/documents;
* damage caused by failure to use or repair the product as required in the product manual (pay spe-cial attention to water inspur into, damage by drop or other not right way by people );
* if the customer repairs or disassemblesby himself or by other person who not authorizated by our company;
* damage caused by wiring with bad quality level communication cables;
*failureor damage of products caused by major force such as flood,fire,lightning, eather-quake etc.

Nalika masalah lumangsung nalika panggunaan produk, insinyur téknis kami bakal aktip ngabales. Sagala masalah kualitas produk, perusahaan urang bakal ngajamin balesan atanapi solusi anu jelas dina 24 jam.

Safewire Electric Co., Ltd.

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