HTD-120K - China Wenzhou Safewire Electric


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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Panel Waxyaabaha daawaha naxaas / ahama steel
    2 dusha dhameysatay sawir Wire / nadiifinayo / rinjiyeynta bifbaafka
    3 Panel aragti (mm) 120 * 120
    4 Cutout (mm) 113×113
    5 Capacity of modules 3 siyaabood ee modules
    6 Side Mounting type HTD-120CK for Mounting ST optical fiber or SC optical fiber
    7 Horizontal mounting rakibaadda horizontal
    8 Saxanka sanduuqa Waxyaabaha Steel + Zinc plated
    9 sanduuqa Base aragti (mm) 110*110*65
    10 Available modules 45*45/22.5*45(mm)



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  • 1. Application: Recessed stage floor box provides versatile solution to accessing power, audio and visual equipment through floor .

    2.Lid degree against floor:90/180 degree.

    3.Hinged lid thickness over 4~4.5m , static pressure over 1000N .

    4.Cold-rolled Steel box thickness over 1.5~2.0mm with powder coated.

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    Available for F type 45*45mm type or D type23*26mm international sockets or modules types:




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