SF-8336SLR 86*86mm Overload Protection USB Outlet / Wall Socket / Desktop Socket Modules

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    1 Voltage 250V
    2 Mechanical Life 50,000 Times
    3 Color Black
    4 Touch Point Silver Alloy Touch Point
    5 Material PC+Copper
    6 Description Single/Multi control switch


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    1. The SF-UK8336SDR socket has two kinds of double opening and single opening, among which the double opening one has two buttons which is more safe and convenient.
    2. Single pole insertion is not electrified to prevent the insertion of the baby’s fingers or foreign bodies.
    3. Durable and wearable and heat resisting and non-yellowing.
    4. Silver cadumium oxide alloy connection point.



    1.Office and education

    2.Industry and Engineering

    3.Presentation and retail;

    4.Orientation and safety;

    5.Transit areas and parking;

    6.Hotels, hospitality and wellness;

    7.Health, sport and leisure;

    8.Art and culture;


    1. When installing and wiring,Product should avoid direct contact with corrosive liquid, gas (strong acid, strong alkali, paint).
    2. This product is suitable for dry surface treatment, avoid water flush and immersion, and ensure its insulation.
    3. Avoid acid alkaline solution flushing,avoid scratch of transparent protective paint,ensure corrosion resistance.



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