facultatem nostri

Nos producendum products optimum electrica et export variis terrarum orbis partibus.

Pavimento tabernaculi nostra: greges area, underfloor coniunctas buxum et alia ratio wiring ad domum stricte qualitas products sunt omnino produci in potestate. Nostra facilities includere productio;

I) Factory: 30,000 quadratum metris aedificium locis,

II) R & D department: 3D experientia et consilio et fabrum magna scientia.

3) Mold-injection-Die-casting-CNC lathing-Punching-polishing-painting-Assembly: We have brand new CNC center with erosion machines, trilling machines and saw machines.: Equipped with several new press machines for up to 100 t and 10 lathe machines metal cutting and bending machines.etc. Newly refurbished automatic galvanizing line. We can make Ag,Zn, Ni and Tn plating on our metal and copper parts.

4).Own independent electrical laboratory--Full routine testing for our own products, 300 sqm of advanced technology lab.


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