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    Floor Cut  Out 310x 220 mm


    Modules inside RCD protector socket


    Floor Box  Depth 99mm


    Plug Top Clearance 38mm


    Overall  Frame & Lid 320.5*230.5mm


    Frame Lid  Recess 8mm


    Accessories  Plates 177*90mm

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  • The RCD devices provide protection against electric shock, in the event of a fault developing within the appliance  or an accident such as cutting through the mains lead. The double pole device within the unit provides complete isolation from the mains when tripped. The RCD are complying with BS7288 and BS1363 defined.

    This socket has been designed for storage and use between -5℃ and +40℃ and at an altitude of no greater than 2000 metres above sea level.


    These devices with unique mechanical suspension means (latching pin) Closing the contacts will open automatically if there is an interruption in the mains supply.

     Technical Specification:

    1.  RCD Type:                                                              Latching pin

    2.  Voltage Rating:               240V AC

    3. Current Rating:               13A

    4. Rated Tripping Current:           30mA

    5. Breaking Capacity:             250A

    6. Short Circuit Withstand:                                 1500A

    7. Ambient Operating Temp:                              -5℃ to +40℃

    8. Operating Speed:                                               < 40mS

    9. Contact Break:                                                   Double Pole

    10. Specifications:                                                RCD Module-BS7288, Socket-BS1363

    11. Minimum Back Box Depth:                         35mm

    12. Fixing Screws:                                                M3.5X37mm

    13. Cable Capacity:                                            5X2.5mm2,2x4mm2,1X6mm2

    To ensure a long life and efficient working of these products they should not be subjected to mistreatment or abnormal conditions such as smoke, chemical fumes, salt spray or long term high humidity.


    The RCD socket should be tested (as below) each time before use.

    Testing Procedure

    1) Remove appliance plugs from sockets.

    2) If the red signal flag is not visible in the status window, press the dark green button (Reset).

    3) The red flag should appear in the status window. If the red flag does not appear it may mean that there is no mains supply fed to the socket. If mains supply is being fed to the socket and the red flag does not appear, see ‘Safety                             Notes’ below.

    4) Press the blue button (Test). The red flag should disappear. If the red flag remains visible, do not use. See ‘Safety Notes’ below.

    5) Reset the device by pressing the dark green button (Reset). The red flag should reappear in the status window.

    Safety Notes:

    1) If the device does not operate in the way described in ‘Test Procedure’ above, do not use. It is likely that the RCD, device is faulty and should be returned to the vendor from whom it was purchased.

    2) No attempt should be made to repair the RCD socket. The units are sealed to prevent tampering and any damage to this seal will invalidate the guarantee.

    3) This s.r.c.d. has been designed for storage and use between -5℃ and +40℃, with an average value not exceeding +35℃ measured over 24h period. And at an altitude of not greater than 2000m above sea level.

    4) Care must be taken not to subject your s.r.c.d. to abnormal pollution by smoke, chemicals or flammable fumes, salt-laden spray, prolonged periods of high humidity, immersion, repeated dropping or other abnormal conditions.

    5) Electricity is dangerous and an RCD must not be used as a substitute for normal precautionary measures. Always unplug from mains supply before any inspection or repair to equipment. Do not allow children to tamper with electrical devices.

    6) Seek advice from the manufacturer, responsible vendor or a competent electrician       if the s.r.c.d. repeatedly trips with an appliance connected or if it should fail to trip when tested in accordance with the instructions.

    Using the RCD Socket:

    1) Insert the plug(s) of the appliance(s) you wish to use.

    2) The RCD socket should remain set and the appliances should work normally. The red flag will remain visible. In the  status window. If the action of plugging in the appliance causes the device to trip (the red flag will disappear from the window), it is likely that there is a fault with the appliance. Consult a qualified electrician (see following note).

    Installation for RCD instructions:

    Switch off the mains supply and remove the appropriate fuse or switch off the appropriate circuit breaker before commencing installation. Ensure that no one else has access that would enable the supply to be inadvertently reconnected.

    These accessories must only be installed by a competent person and in accordance with the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671: Requirements for Electrical installations) and any applicable statutory regulations.

    WARNING!- Please note that RCD sockets should be dis-connected from the circuits prior to carrying out any insulation tests.



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