Extension Power Strip with Dual USB AC Electrical Socket/Clamped Socket

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Min Size

    1.5 modules

    2 Max Size 7 modules
    3 Length(L) No.of modules*53+44 mm
    4 Dimension L*81d*43h mm
    5 Cut Hole (L-19.5)*72d mm
    6 Category In desk,Under desk
    7 Packaging Regular white box packing
    8 Certificate UL,cUL,CCC,CE,RoHS
    9 Anodized Aluminum Body Clear,Black
    10 Modules White,Black
    11 End Caps Silver,Black




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    1. Easy to install with provided mounting brackets.
    2. 3 mounting methods for easy installation.
    3. New installation assembly, support line slot installation.
    4. Customized module to combine power supply and weak current configuration on demand .
    5. Capable of in series power connection.
    6. Patented product.
    7. Possess UL,cUL,CE,CCC, RoHS certificates.

    Installation Instruction





    Panel, Training Room, Work Station, Hotel Room


    1.Don’t touch the socket with wet hands when the power is on

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