Safewire HTD-146K - Faa-Eletise Saina Wenzhou Safewire

Safewire HTD-146K

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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Technical parameters:

    1. The environment temperature:-5℃~/40℃
    2. The rated voltage:100V~~250V
    3. Rated current:10A、13A、16A、20A





    Market standard



    Brand Name

    Safewire or OEM brand


    Place of origin

    Zhejiang ,  Wenzhou, China



    floor socket






    Golden, silver, etc


    Current Type




    Standard grounding



    HS Code


    Nu Serial Parameter faʻamatalaga


    vaega Mea Brass alloy/Stainless-steel
    2 tini luga ata uaea / faaiilaina / atavali fana
    3 Vaega itu (mm) 210 * 145
    4 Cutout (mm) 200 × 135
    5 Tulaga o modules 8 modules auala
    6 ituaiga Mounting faapipiiina faalava
    7 puipui mea Metala paʻepaʻe uʻamea filogia & uʻamea filogia Alu
    8 vaaiga pusa Base (mm) 200*135*75
    9 Available modules 45*45/22.5*45(mm)



    • Ofisa ma aoaoga
    • Alamanuia ma Engineering
    • Tuuina atu ma oloa;
    • Aoaoga faamasani ma le saogalemu;
    • vaega e uia ai Samoa ma e paka ai taavale;
    • Faletalimalo, talimālō ma wellness;
    • Health, taaloga ma faafiafiaga;
    • Art ma le aganuu;


    Installation instructions:

    1. Remove the panel from the bottom box along with the electrical modules.
    2. Fix the flooring with spare screws on the bottom box and place it in the embedded hole.
    3. The flooring surface shall be at least level with the ground or 20mm below the ground.
    4. Remove flooring surface ,Insert the 10–12mm lead head into the terminal of floor box.
    5. Fix the panel to the bottom box with screws.


    1. Dispose of trash in bottom box and prevent dirt and debris from entering inside.

    2.The sealing ring is closely attached to the smooth surface to prevent water leakage.

    3.Prevent from alkaline corrosion and humidity.

    4.When installing, pay attention to the opening direction,the length of the conductor to the bottom box shall not exceed 10cm,Set aside at least 200mm of cable.

    5.When installing and wiring,Product should avoid direct contact with corrosive liquid, gas (strong acid, strong alkali, paint).

    6.This product is suitable for dry surface treatment, avoid water flush and immersion, and ensure its insulation

    7.Avoid acid alkaline solution flushing,avoid scratch of transparent protective paint,ensure corrosion resistance.



    Method of use:

    Hold the lid down with your hand,Pull the push button as the direction, Panel popup.

    Product Show

    10 11



    1. The lid was opened at 90 degrees : Open the cover with the ground 90 degrees, furthermore , open and ground into a 180 degree flat is also available.When using, open the cover horizontally to the floor to avoid accident potential and product damage caused by cover erection.
    2. Simple installation: Hinged cover with screw fix to steel box body.
    3. The outlet way of the line can be chosen,DK type cable exit or HK type cable exit: The outlet port(reverse) can lead multi-strand wire cable out of the floor socket and effectively protect the wire cable skin against damaging. This cord outlet flaps fold down when in use to all cords out with main cover closed.

    22 23

    1. More Strong Scratch Resistance: Surface finish made from stainless steel or Brass by combination of tough material, Aluminum (ADC12) and shot blast finish on the surface achieves high scratch resistance.
    2. durable socket receptacle:Using elastic phosphor copper avoids playing spark plug and plug set to bit dead ,ensure high conductivity and more life of pulling and plugging over 15000 times.PC+ABS(1.Modules fireproof : 850 degree C temp.; 2.Modules don’t distortion under 102 degree C temp.; 3.Stand under 15 degree C temp) ;Oxygen Insulation & Fire resistance in accordance with UL94 international standard.
    3. Good sealing:Faatasi ai ma le tapuni-saogalemu tumau i le tino i le taimi liligi e taofia ingress o slurry.
    4. Le mana-coated uamea pusa ua 10 * 25mm alavai ma lapoa o 27mm lapoa tuitui-outs maua e nonofo ai o loo maua i luga o talosaga pusi cabling 6A.

    HTD-145K Outline drawing:


    Maua lago po modules ituaiga:



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