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    Model: FS-333L

    Place of origin : Zhejiang ,Wenzhou,China

    Rated Current :10-25A

    Type: floor socket                                                    Current Type: AC

    HS Code:8536690000                                        Frequency:50Hz~60Hz

    Grounding:Standard grounding                       Voltage:110~240V

    Color :Black/Siver                                                  Market standard: Customized

    Brand Name : Safewire or OEM brand              IP:22


    Application for home/office/hotels/libaries/training rooms/meeting rooms and conference halls multi-media networking system:

    l  Office and education

    l  Industry and Engineering

    l  Presentation and retail;

    l  Orientation and safety;

    l  Transit areas and parking;

    l  Hotels, hospitality and wellness;

    l  Health, sport and leisure;

    l  Art and culture;

    Customization of modular:

    1. Switches
    2. Protection(fused/thermal switch)
    3. Power outlets;
    4. Data jack;
    5. USB charger;

    Packaging & Delivery

    Inner packing box

    Outer exporting carton

    Data and Power poles/ Mini-columns/desktop socket/column box/Power socket

    1)  Features:

    1)   Designed to accommodate data and power modules.

    2)   The power polex fix to the floor allowing cables to be brought up through false flooring to the desk. Cable separators keep data and power cables apart but outlets and are available individually. Also avaiable separately are replacement fascia strips.


    (4) Characteristics:

    Electrical Outlet/ Power boxes/desktop socket/column box/Power socket







    Residential ,Industrial or public




    Zinc Alloy/Steel


    Vertical power column




    Standard Grounding



    Rated Current:


    Available modules:

    45*45mm Type series

     5.Our service:     


    1. Product Show:


    Available sockets or modules types:


    More International sockets is customization:


    Serial No. Parameter Description
    1 Brand


    2 Item


    3 Product picture   FS-333L   


    Panel Material

    Aluminum alloy/steel


    Surface finish

    Painted/Brushed Oxygenated


    Cover Dimension(mm)



    Width (mm)



    Capacity of modules /Interface size

    Max.10 ways 45*45mm modules



    Power outlet+Data outlet or USB charging+HDMI+VGA+Audio socket : Customized as required


    Cable length

    1.5m, 2m,3m or required length


    IP Rating

    IP Rated 22


    7. Process flow:

    we apply ERP data management system , greatly increased the management in plan ,purchase, storage , manufacture and sales .

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    8.About us:

    Wenzhou Safewire Electric Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of items in the field of electrical installation material and goods. We embarked on the relentless pursuit of being the biggest supplier with over 30,000 square meters building areas in China as we are engaged in producing and selling high-quality wiring systems produced in accordance with international standards. Our factory was recognized through ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001. And also be 3rd quality certification such as CE and SASO etc.

     sfe (2)

    Happy He – General;
    Mr. Zhou;
    Olivia Yang –;
    Zuo Juan-Sales;



    Q:Do you have literature we can have?
    A:Of course, we can post out a brochure or you can download it along with data sheets direct from here
    Q:Do you manufacture all products yourself?
    A:We manufacture all of our core product ranges ourselves as a proud best China manufacturer. A small number of our ancillary products are brought in from trusted partners also mainly China based.!
    Q:Do all of your products comply to National standards?
    A:Our products meet China National standard ,IEC standard and the relevant national standards such as SASO
    Q:What lead times do you offer?
    A: Lead time is dependent on many factors including type of unit and quantity required. We stock an extensive range of core product in a number of sizes that can be available 14 working days.Lead time indications are stated on quotations, but by all means feel free to ask for up to date information.
    Q:Can I request a specific delivery time/day?
    Safewire will always endeavour to meet our customers requirements and hit special delivery times every day
    Q:Can I request a technical specification?
    Please contact us to request a technical specification or product certification.Email;                      
    Q:How long is the warranty on your products?
    There is a 12 month warranty from date of delivery.  In the event of any failure, items must be returned to Safewire for full investigation.   
    Q:What is your products installation?
    There are various methods of fixing for each unit – a member of the quotes team can talk you through the options or you can view them on the website.                                                  
    Q:Can you send me a price list?
    As there are so many variations of specification possible for each unit – We can send you brochure or you can download it from the website.  Please contact the Quotes Team direct for pricing.         
    Q:How much will it cost?
    This will vary on the unit and the specification of the unit, please either call a member of the quotes team or complete the online form.      
    Q:Can I request a sales visit or a visit to your factory?
    Please contact us to request a visit from us or to our Head Office address: No.152 Xinggua Road, Xinggua industry zone, Liushi town, Yueqing,  Wenzhou,China ,325604;                             
    Q:Can I request a sample from Safewire?
    Safewire are happy to supply sample to our partners, please contact us directly to discuss your request.                                  
    Q:Can I request sales and marketing material?
    Safewire are continually investing in their sales and marketing material, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.             
    Q:How long make a sample?
    A: Within 7 working days upon receipt of confirmed order and payment for standard product. Customization product order should be confirmed between us.


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