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Safewire HTD 101

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    Technical parameters & characteristic :

    1)  Working environment:

    1. The environment temperature:-5℃~/40℃
    2. The rated voltage:100V~~250V
    3. Rated current:10A、13A、16A、20A

    2) Characteristic:



    HTD 101


    HS Code



    Brand Name

    Safewire or OEM brand


    Market standard




    floor socket


    Place of origin

    Zhejiang ,  Wenzhou, China



    Golden, silver, etc






    Standard grounding


    Current Type



    3) Technical parameters :

    Siriyo No. chizindikiro Kufotokozera


    gulu Zofunika Brass alloy/Stainless-Steel
    2 pamwamba pa mapeto Waya zojambula / kupukuta / Utsi kupenta
    3 Gulu gawo (mm) 86*101
    4 Cutout (mm) 74.3×77
    5 Mphamvu zigawo 2 njira zigawo
    6 Sink bokosi Zofunika Zitsulo + nthaka yokutidwa
    7 Sink box Thickness 1.0mm
    8 Mumtima bokosi Kukula (mm) 10.5×6.5×10.5
    9 Akunja bokosi Kukula (mm) 54x34x23
    10 Available modules 45*45/45*22.5(mm)
    11 N.W(kg) 0.44 (Brass alloy);0.43(Alu alloy)
    12 G.W(kg) 23 (Brass alloy);22.4(Alu alloy)
    13 Carton size(cm) 54x34x23



    Office ndi maphunziro

    Makampani ndi Engineering

    Kupereka ndi ritelo;

    Lathu ndi chitetezo;

    m'madera mulendo ndi magalimoto;

    Hotels, alendo Ubwino;

    Health, masewera kusangalala;

    Art ndi chikhalidwe;




    Product Show:



    1. Nice appearance and safety design for floor management:Stepped edge brass is available in plain polished (W) or antique bronze (ABZ) or simple polished rope edge(K) or standard soft edge in brushed (BR) or polished (PS) stainless steel. All with a choice of white or black interiors.
    2. Safety design: Flush mount box of 1 Gang white insert under shaver Sockets.Surface seamless design and dust and impurities be protect into inside.
    3. Easy to Install: Simple design as shaver sockets with spring loaded lid and supplied flush mount box with M3.5 X 30mm fixing screws.
    4. More Strong Scratch Resistance: Surface finish made from stainless steel or Brass by combination of tough material, Aluminum (ADC12).

    5.Ultra slim panel only with thickness of 4mm;

    6.Good socket receptacle materials increase service life:Using elastic phosphor copper avoids playing spark plug and plug set to bit dead. Ensure high conductivity and more life of pulling and plugging over 15000 times.PC+ABS(1.Modules fireproof : 850 degree C temp.; 2.Modules don’t distortion under 102 degree C temp.; 3.Stand under 15 degree C temp) ;Oxygen Insulation & Fire resistance in accordance with UL94 international standard.

    7. More heavy duty of bottom boxes:Thickness of bottom boxes is over 1mm.

    Available for F type 45*45mm type or D type23*26mm international sockets or modules types:



    HTD-101 Outline drawing

    18 JPEG

    Package:50 Pcs inner box into a master carton.Poly bag with box packing.


    Installation Guide(The exact products should be subject to confirmation by seller)


    1. Cut out: insert sink box or floor box into flooring material
    2. Dispose receptacle:Gently press the outlet and lift the lid to reveal the function keys inside.(Another way is to open the lid directly to expose the functional module).

    3. Wiring:Insert the 10–12mm lead head into the terminal block.

    4. Fix:Fix the flooring with spare screws on bottom box through embedded hole.






    1.Dispose of trash in bottom box and prevent dirt and debris from entering inside.

    2.When installing, pay attention to the opening direction,the length of the conductor to the bottom box shall not exceed 10cm,Set aside at least 200mm of cable.

    3.When installing and wiring,avoid direct contact with corrosive liquid, gas (strong acid, strong alkali, paint).


    Safety Warning

    1.This is a class I product and must be earthed

    2.This product must be installed/wired by a qualified electrician

    3.For indoor use only.

    4.For concrete floor.

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