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  • 2019 126th Canton fair

    Good newsewire Electriecal professional sales team will bring the latest socket research program to the 126 Canton fair and share it with you. Safewire Electrical by Feilifu which is professional OEM manufactory of floor boxes ,desktop socket and electrical accessories for most global brand since...
  • Share with the 125th Spring Canton Fair 2019

    Since its founded in 1957, the Canton Fair has always been an important platform for China’s foreign trade,and an important channel for countries and regions to share the fruits of China’s development. The 62-year development of the Canton Fair has witnessed the development of foreign...

Wenzhou Safewire Electric Co, Ltd est specialized comitatu in in fabricare et venditionem de bona items in agro et electrica materia installation. Et post Safewire Feilifu praetoriae notam, Feilifu Lorem Co, Ltd speciale statutum erat in 1998. Postea in navem conscendimus elit est maximus non quasi crudelis prosequtio super 30.000 quadratum metris aedificium locis in Sina in ut eligere sola optima atque tutissima electrial cum suis perussi products in mente.

For inquiries nostram pricelist et products, placere relinquere tuum ad nos, et nos in tactu inscriptio intra XXIV horis.
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